2015 Vietnam Update: ‘Re-imagining development in Vietnam’


Re-imagining Development in Viet Nam

The notion of ‘development’ in Vietnam is central to the practice of government and permeates society today. The 2015 Vietnam Update therefore sets out to explore the historical and contemporary meaning and practice of development, in all of its complexity. The conference will explore development in Vietnam as a goal, regime, site, or conjunction of practices that aspire(s) to improve material, social, cultural, and political life. Presenters will reflect upon ideas of development and the actors and processes that shape development, from a range of disciplinary and thematic perspectives.
The two-day Update will commence with presentations on important recent developments in Vietnam’s political and economic affairs.


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Full program     
The program for the 2015 Vietnam Update is here – 2015 Vietnam Update: Re-imagining development in Vietnam