A Seminar at the Hoa Sen University

Source: Quang Dai Tuyen

Topic 1: “Music and memory on the Malayan Peninsula: Mapping a region’s history, identity, and culture through its performing arts

This seminar discusses ethnographic and musicological methods for gathering cultural data, and how they help reconstruct a history of social change over the twentieth century. The research is draw from several case studies that demonstrate shifting ethnic, religious, and political boundaries along Thailand’s southwestern coast and its border with Malaysia. It is hoped that some of the methods discussed here can stimulate ideas for research on culture and society in other parts of Southeast Asia.

topic 2: “Music of Cham Communities in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

This research project looks at connections between the music of Peninsular Malays and Cham communities in Vietnam. It is part of a larger project to understand Malaysia’s cultural relationships to its neighbors in Southeast Asia. Its objective is to provide cultural and historical data that might be useful to scholars in a wide variety of disciplines, and to contribute to the fields of both Cham and Malay studies.

This study looks at Cham ceremonial music, specifically that of musical priests maduen, and kadhan. The fieldwork sites will include Cham-populated districts in Ninh Thuan Province including Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Hai, Thuan Bac, Thuan Nam Phan Rang, and Thap Cham.


Introduction and presentation by Ph.D Lawrence N. Ross (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):







The seminar with modern equipments:






Photographic memories: