Scholarships for semester progamme in development studies

Thông tin được cung cấp bởi Phan Đỗ Kim Nguyên 


The programme provides a broad multidisciplinary introduction to the issues of development and globalisation as well as an introduction to Vietnamese and Southeast Asian culture and society. The main topics of the programme are:

  • Development and development theory
  • Development in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
  • Global resource distribution, the environment, and rural-urban dimensions of poverty
  • Globalisation history and economy
  • Governance and participation
  • Gender, culture, and knowledge
  • Social change, population, and migration
  • Rural and urban livelihoods, and the diseases of poverty
  • Local action and international co-operation for poverty reduction

Both macro and micro perspectives of development will be addressed during the course, and you will learn to see these in relation to each other. Certain basic aspects of human well-being will be considered throughout the course to support the topics and to establish how they relate to people’s lives – namely food security, freedom, education and health. The topics are also illuminated through a case study of the local region in which the course takes place. It clearly makes good sense to travel to a developing country to study development theory. Studying in Vietnam gives you the opportunity to allow theory and hands-on experience interact. Learning about Vietnamese culture also helps you to see your own cultural background in a wider perspective. During the semester, the staff organise one field excursion and a few minor trips in and around Hoi An. A full programme description can be downloaded from our website.

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